What would happen if sweets were free

If sweets were free, children would get heaps of them. Children would have to go to the dentist too often. Children will be tempted to eat sweets breakfast, lunch and dinner. They wouldn’t eat any healthy foods like fruit or vegetables. Whenever children would go to the shops, they would just take as much as possible. Their health will deteriorate with having too many sweets. Their teeth will turn a rotten yellow or black colour. In school this could lead to a lot of bullying. Children would go to any corner shop and get loads of them for lunch. All shopkeepers would go bankrupt and won’t make any profit. Little children will nag their parents saying that they’re free, you don’t have to pay. I would say the only good side to sweets being free is that you obviously don’t have to pay. Parents will not know if there child is buying sweets because normally you would have to take money and your parents know you are buying something. Children will overdo it with the sweets. They will get seriously ill if they do.

This is why I think that sweets should not be free.

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