The time had come.

The time had come. The finish platform was a few meters away from me. I leaped not daring to look down. Finally, I landed at the edge of the cement coated platform. Pride erupted in my heart. Suddenly, the pride was swept away as I felt myself falling back. It felt like I was swooped away by a vortex of pain and misery as I crashed down on the cold, gravel-layered ground.

Today was the day. It was my last day of training before I receive my license to become a world famous agent. I gaped upon the grand steps to my last test. This was probably the hardest task. The sturdy oak-wood steps creaked upon the weight of my feet. I got to the top. The crowds whooped with excitement. Looking down at my feet; I heard someone mutter good-luck behind me but I didn’t dare to look back. I was incredibly nervous: body shaking; palms sweating; and butterflies in my stomach. As I was looking down I caught a glimpse of the floor below me. It seemed like falling down from here would be instant death.

Trembling, I sprung onto the following platform. My loss of balance resulted into a direct, humiliating face-plant. The crowd exploded into laughter. It seemed like the whole world was mocking me. I ignored it and carried on. In front of me i could see a bunch of silver monkey bars. They didn’t seemed to even have a scratch on them. It was like not many people made it to this part. A little bit of pride arose out from my heart but it quickly died out. My sweaty fingers slide on the pars like butter on warm toasts. After a few more jumps and obstacles I made it to the second to last platform. I was accelerating with joy.

The time had come. The finish platform was a few meters away from me. I leaped not daring to look down. Finally, I landed at the edge of the cement coated platform. Pride erupted in my heart. Suddenly, the pride was swept away as I felt myself falling back. It felt like I was swooped away by a vortex of pain and misery as I crashed down on the cold, gravel-layered ground.

Troy The Fish

As the day faded into night, the moon started illuminating the enormous, sparkling lake. The tawny arms of the trees started whispering the enchantments of life. The flashing stars showed up, guiding Troy -the fish- through the gloomy, dull night. The emerald lawn, stared at the old, lost log. The dark green leaves danced on the dance floor.

Later That Night…

It was getting spookier and spookier; gloomier and gloomier. The wolves started doing their midnight howling. Suddenly, Troy noticed that there was not a single sound around him. It was quiet, too quiet: there wasn’t even a whisper. Troy the fish knew that this night was going to be different, much… much different; it was a night of the impossible becoming possible.


Troy suddenly woke up by a sound. He became terrorized. Slowly and cautiously, he turned his head around and was petrified in what he saw…

Sherlock Holmes

-phone rings-

“Hello, Sherlock, we are investigating a murder of a women. If you could come to 32 Archway that’d be great.”

He left the phone and called Dr. Watson with him and went into his blue car. He turned on the gas and headed off to a dirty, old alleyway near a derelict neighbourhood. He looked across to see many police cars parked in front of an old, torn-down shop. The body was pale: lifeless face; frail arms; weak spine. He lifted up the police tape and went in.

“What happened here?” asked Sherlock, analyzing the deceased body and its wounds.

“She seems to have been strangled as there are red and black marks on her neck.”

Sherlock walked to the body and took a close look. He found the purse of the woman and inspected it. He found a scratched driving license in which he could faintly see a name.

“Her name is Anne Simmons.” announced Sherlock

In the purse he found a number. Her home land line number. He gave it a call to see if anyone would pick up.

-on the other line-

“Hello, who is this?” asked Jeremy Simmons

“This is Sherlock Holmes. May I ask do you know Anne Simmons by any chance?”

“I am her husband, why?”

“Your wife has been killed so if you could come her we could ask you some question.”

Jeremy came to the crime scene where awaited him police officers holding handcuffs. They handcuffed him and took pushed him into the police car. They took him to the station where they put him into a room with a clear wall.

“You are under arrest for the murder of Anne Simmons! You have the right to remain silent, anything you say will be held against you in court” shouted the Sherlock Holmes.

But how did he know. Tell me in the comments.

Why Here?!

The house was eerie:encrusted cobwebs suffocated the hallway;statues tormented me without one word uttered;a suspicious goo oozed from the gritty walls.

Lucy had just moved in here with her mum and step dad (Kate and Morgan) and her little half brother Tiger(his actual name was Timmy but Tiger suited him as he was such a pain in the neck).Their old council flat had been recently trashed by gangsters so this was the only trailer home available at such short notice.Once it turned 9:00pm Lucy and Tiger lunged up the stairs foolishly but picked up the pace as they didn’t want to cause any trouble since mum and Morgan were so stressed out.

Lucy had her own bedroom and Tiger slept with with mum and Morgan ( she was so happy she squealed into her pillow as she finally got her own bedroom for the first time in three years since Tiger came along).It took Lucy quite a long time to go to sleep but after she sang her favorite lullaby ‘three black sheep’ she dozed off into another world.

Immediately, she heard a noise coming from downstairs, she heard someone or something smashing plates and expensive glass and breaking treasured pictures.She crept down quietly and tried to peep through the railing of the staircase.and that’s when she saw what she saw….

The Good Shepherd Mass at Westminster Cathedral

9:20 AM. Thursday 5th of June. St. Paul’s playground. Years 5&6 waited eagerly to get going to Westminster Cathedral. We went to the Good Shepherd Mass to help raise money for the Catholic Children’s Society. They help families who are going through tough times.

We arrived at the tube station at 9:30. I was partnered up with Joseph. He didn’t really want to talk as he was tired. We got on the Piccadilly line to Finsbury Park. I had to stand as there were no seats left. To kill time I had a chat with Amiel.

When we got off the train, we had to get in a line whilst Mr. Ruddy, our teacher, did a quick headcount. When he finished, we got on a Victoria Line train. Our destination was Victoria. This time when we got on the train, everyone was pushing to get a seat. I was one of the lucky few to actually get a seat. Amiel and I had a conversation about games like Call of Duty. Amongst all the noise; Joseph managed to fall asleep!

Eventually, we got off the train and there was a loud buzz of chatter but that was soon quietened by the teachers. There was a quick head count and then we swarmed off to ground floor. The bright light blinded me as my eyes were accustomed to the dim lights of the underground. We scurried off to the Cathedral.

When we turned up to the Cathedral, I was flabbergasted at the size of the crucifix and at the size of the crucifix and at the fact that underneath my very feet great British role models such as Cardinal Hinsley and other inspirations were buried. In front of me sat over 1000 children, a bishop, a priest, a group of choir singers, speakers and a signer (to aid deaf children). In every corner there was a gigantic marble pillar but what stood out the most to me was the mosaics of Jesus next to mythical creatures.

During the mass; Julian and Kimberley raised the school banner. I felt proud, not just of myself, but of the school. The gospel was according to Matthew. When we said our prayers; I prayed for the health of my family; my parents; myself; my teachers and; everyone who is important to me. Near the end of mass, we had to give in our cheques for the Catholic Children’s Society.

As the day came to an end, so did the mass. We went outside where the kind Bishop John Arnold was giving out handshakes. I shook his hand and felt his gentleness sweep through my body. After a 5 minute walk to the station, we got on the tube. I talked with Mattia about Outlast, the scariest game ever, until Wood Green. When we got off the tube, Joseph and I came up with a plan to be first to lunch. This was a mass to remember. It left me with contentment in my heart, love in my soul and Jesus by my side.

What happens in Brasil when the World Cup is there

I think Brasil will win the World Cup, Seeing that
they are in their home town. Also because they are fantastic at football,they have won a number of times before. Brasil is a massive country that has just recently built 12 new stadiums for they are holding the World Cup this year.In Rio the World Cup will take place,that is where the statue of Jesus is hanging over.Brasil was surprised to have been picked to host the World Cup.Suprisingly,Brasil could have a fair chance of loosing the World Cup just like everybody else.However when Brasil win the World Cup they have a big celebration but that’s what happen when Brasil win the World Cup.

Brazil 100wc

There are lots of sport including events in Brazil. The most played sport in Brazil is actually football even if lots of sports are played there. Loads of carnivals happen all over the world that can be celebrated right because of sport. But that’s what happens in Brazil when there is a sport events but also often in the summer. Those are very popular because in Brazil they celebrate the biggest carnival in the whole world. There are many colourful carts showing different things but there are also beautiful dancers in bright clothes, with feathers,dancing the samba. That time of the year is very busy in Brazil but also amazing.

shadow city-chapter 2

Suddenly, a vortex of exasperation appeared before my eyes. The sea-blue ocean above us was covered by dark grey clouds. Fear engulfed me. I stood motionless glaring at Elvie; he had to know what he was doing. The time had come, my duty had to be fullfilled-I just knew it.

Beautiful, my chestnut hair flowed behind me, as I was about to jump into the glamurous portal. I was frightened:shaking from fright; holding my hands together tightly; goosebumps appearing on my skin. All the joy poured out of me, I was left with dread. Was it worth it? Was I ready? Will I ever come back?

Slowly, my despair got out of hand. It was pouncing inside me, it was frightening my soul out, it was trying to get free-in short my dismay was abominable. However scared I was, I knew that I had to save thousands of fairies and elves; if i dont they’ll die. Carefully, I dived in. I vanished out of the ‘real’ world…

The sunflower

Suddenly, the sky got darker and it began to grow. The moon glistened as the wolves howled maliciously.

A few minutes before this, a pack of ferocious wolves spotted a yellow packet with the words ‘Sunflower Seeds. Do not plant at night time or any creatures underground will change totally.’ Amazingly, and this might sound a bit ridiculous, but they read it just as well as humans can. They knew what will happen so they thought they’d go for it. Angrily, their paws scratched chunks of dirt out of the ground. They knocked the sunflower seeds they had into the hole and put the dirt back where it was.

Howard stared, shocked, as the sunflowers grew and grew, up into the night sky.
“Oh my! “He exclaimed to himself. Suddenly, a light bulb flickered on inside his head.
“Why don`t I climb one?” He agreed with himself. so he did.

Struggling, he climbed a sunflower covered in green, minty leaves. He slipped every few seconds, but got himself back on track quickly and continued climbing steadily.

He done it. He was at the top. Howard Zeroine just climbed a sunflower. Swiftly, he turned on his heels and saw a huge, black object in the distance. He jumped from sunflower to sunflower, then the figure was emerged. It was a giant ant!
“Oh my!” He exclaimed to himself again. All of a sudden, an orange light appeared illuminating the darkness. It was the warden from Camp Green Lake.
“Oy! what are you doing up there?” Howard turned slowly; his legs buckled; and he slipped.

“Hang on! I won`t let go!” The ant explains.
“You can speak!” Howard answered back in shock. The warden unzips a pocket in her jeans and got out a gun. But before she could shoot, a man came running towards the warden.
“Stop!” The man called Charlie cried out. Suddenly, the sunflowers exploded and Howard fell to the earth below.

Slowly, one eye opened. Howard noticed he was in a hospital. his arms was broken in seven places. Fractured limbs. Stitches everywhere. He was a wreck. As he lay in his hospital bed, he learned an important message. `Don`t do something if you`re unsure about it.`

Virtuous life

Vow  to follow the ten commandments.

Inform others of the message of christ.

Ready yourself to fight the devil.

Trust in yourself,God and others.

Understand and follow the message of Christ.

Oath to spread the word of the almighty.

Unite Broken friendships.

Support those in need.